Western Sydney to cop the brunt of population growth while Liberals insulate the North Shore


The Baird Government’s Sydney Metropolitan Strategy will inundate Western Sydney with nearly one million new residents by 2031 while the Liberals' bastion of the North Shore will only grow by a paltry 130,000, the Labor Opposition revealed today.

Under the Coalition Government’s planning blueprint the population of Western Sydney will grow by 907,000 by 2031. This is in stark contrast to the Liberals' North Shore heartland which will be insulated from housing a fair share of Sydney’s population growth with only 133,000 new residents anticipated over the same period.


Comparison of expected population growth in selected LGAs in Western Sydney and the North Shore

Western Sydney Population Growth North Shore Population Growth
Blacktown 160,950 Manly 10,800
Camden 103,900 Mosman 6,000
Liverpool 100,850 Lane Cove 12,000
Penrith 76,850 Pittwater 17,000
Parramatta 79,100    

“Under the Liberals' plan for Sydney, Blacktown gets 161,000 more people while Mike Baird’s backyard of Manly gets a tiny 10,000 in comparison – a tale of two cities if ever there was one,” Shadow Minister for Planning Luke Foley said.

“Our city’s population strategies and planning instruments are being used by the Liberals to run a protection racket to limit population growth in their North Shore heartland.

“The Liberals want to add a city the size of Adelaide to the population of Western Sydney but only a town the size of Bundaberg to the North Shore – that is not a fair sharing of the burden.

“With Sydney straining under the deficit of jobs in Western Sydney and the pressure that is placing on our roads and public transport, the Liberals’ solution is to ring-fence the job-rich and transport-rich areas of our city and force nearly one million people to the urban fringe far away from jobs and public transport.

“I’m not surprised that with seven North Shore Liberals sitting around the Cabinet table that they’ve gamed the future growth of Sydney to protect their electorates.

“The common sense approach to planning for the growth of our city is to encourage population growth near transport and employment hubs – the North Shore is located close to these hubs and it makes sense that this region of Sydney take a fairer share of the future growth of our city.”