The NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley says the State Government is consistently failing to honour its promise to deliver services and amenities for the residents of rapidly-growing Western Sydney suburbs. 

Mr Foley will today hold a meeting for residents of one of Sydney’s fastest growing suburbs, Wentworth Point, which has been waiting for a park for six years.

Mr Foley will join them in calling on the State Government to urgently deliver new parks and green space.

Wentworth Point is a suburb of 10,000 people on the Parramatta River and has been without a park or a school for six years. While the Berejiklian Government procrastinates new units are going up every week; the suburb’s population is set to double by 2036.

The O’Farrell Government promised a park at the end of the Wentworth Point peninsula on the Parramatta River but the site elected for the park is still abandoned and a wasteland.

Mr Foley said there was a history of neglect under the Liberal government. A primary school for the suburb has been promised for six budgets in a row but work has only just begun in the last couple of months.

It’s a story that is repeated across metropolitan Sydney as the State Government encourages more development but fails to plan for new schools, parks or other community amenities.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

The plight of Wentworth Point is a familiar one to many people across Sydney who are witnessing rapid levels of development but without the services to support them.

“With this government all you get is the high rises but you don't get the parks and the playgrounds, the schools and the early childhood centres."

“A community isn’t a whole unless it has the green spaces and the parks in which its children can play. Until then it is just a development.”