The Berejiklian government has today locked western Sydney motorists into an unfair toll until 2060, but will still not commit to providing a Cashback on the M4.

The sale of a majority stake in the Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) to the private sector means that Sydney motorists will be tolled for decades.

The sale price represents just a fraction of the tolls that Sydney motorists – and their children and grandchildren – will pay for years to come.

The toll on the widened M4 is unfair because it will pay for the widening works within two years – but the motorway will be tolled for decades until 2060.

Today the toll is $4.74 one way on the widened M4.

It will increase by four per cent or the rate of inflation, whichever is higher, every year.

In 2060, western Sydney car drivers will pay $23.67, at the bare minimum for every trip on the widened M4. If they continue along the whole of WestConnex the bill will be $44.69.

Today the Berejiklian government has also snuck through extending the M5 toll from 2026 to 2060, yet another move to unfairly gouge motorists.

Labor knows that Sydneysiders are already struggling with the cost of living under the Liberals and Nationals.

Only a Labor government will bring back the M4 Cashback to ease that burden.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The sale of the SMC locks in an unfair toll on the existing M4.

“Only Labor will give motorists a fair go by reintroducing Cashback on the M4.

“The sale price just hints at the amount that motorists will be paying in tolls into the future.”