Labor Leader Luke Foley says the results from the by-elections in Blacktown, Cootamundra and Murray are sending a clear message to the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government that it has lost the confidence of the voters in NSW.

Mr Foley was speaking after three by-elections where the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government suffered swings of up to 20 percent and saw two safe seats reduced to marginal electorates.

In the Western Sydney seat of Blacktown, Labor candidate Stephen Bali scored a runaway win with a swing of 17 percent. Mr Foley says he is expected to have 80 percent of the two-party preferred vote in the seat.

The regional seat of Murray has gone from one of the safest Berejiklian Government seats to a marginal seat after a 20 percent two-party preferred swing against the National party.

The seat of Cootamundra, which was a safe NSW Government seat, has also suffered a swing of 20 percent of the primary vote against the National’s candidate. In one booth, Gundagai High School, there was a 43% per cent swing against the Nationals. 

Mr Foley says the people of New South Wales have had enough of the Berejiklian government’s refusal to listen to their concerns. 

He says two examples are the reintroduction of a toll on the M4 in Western Sydney and the failure to tackle electricity prices, which have placed extra burdens on families.

He says it is now up to Labor to demonstrate to the people of NSW that it can come up with the policies to tackle the issues that Ms Berejiklian and her government are failing to deal with.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“For too long Premier Berejiklian has treated voters with contempt. These results show voters think it is time they are treated with respect by those in government.

“Labor’s priorities lie in Western Sydney and Stephen Bali’s has always been Blacktown. Premier Berejiklian’s priority seems to be her local area and the Liberal’s traditional strongholds.

“I think people in the Murray and Cootamundra electorates are understandably asking questions of the party they’ve supported for generations.”

Quotes attributable Blacktown-elect MP Stephen Bali

“It’s a shame the Liberals couldn’t be bothered putting up a candidate to run in Blacktown, we were looking for a good fight. They seem to have forsaken Western Sydney.

“People in Western Sydney have made their voices heard and voted against the Berejiklian Government who are slugging them with a great big toll on the M4, who put power prices up by 20 percent and who are doing nothing to help ease cost of living pressures.”