Victory for Inner West as Parramatta Road consultation starts afresh


Member for Strathfield Jodi McKay today declared victory for the people of the inner west – as the new Planning Minister has agreed to put genuine consultation over the New Parramatta Road project back on the agenda.

Ms McKay said she had been working tirelessly since the election to get a better deal from the Government.

“Genuine consultation over Parramatta Road was my number one priority during the campaign, and I applaud the decision of Planning Minister Rob Stokes to roll out a serious consultation plan for the people of the inner west,” Ms McKay said.

“The previous Minister ignored the community, and even her own agency, by cancelling almost 168 planned consultation events.

“This is a once in a lifetime chance to get the balance right in terms of development and infrastructure along Parramatta Road.

“Everyone agrees that Parramatta Road could be a lot more than it currently is.

“We must ensure the community has input into firstly what sort of density is sustainable, and secondly the associated infrastructure – schools, childcare centres, along with community and greenspace, to support such populations.”

Ms McKay said she has met with the new Minister on several occasions, and was confident he understood the challenges, as well as the community’s concerns over how the project was unfolding under the previous Minister.

“I want to work closely with the Minister and Urban Growth to ensure the community is brought along and engaged throughout the process,” Ms McKay said.

“There is sure to be robust debate and some tough decisions down the track – but at least we now have the opportunity to present our views.”