Urgent action needed - Hurstville Mayor putting public at risk


The Minister for Local Government must act immediately to restore order at Hurstville Council – as furore mounts over the property developer Liberal Mayor’s failure to remediate an asbestos contaminated site. 

“Paul Toole must intervene as a matter of urgency – or risk sending a dangerous message that Mayors are above the law,” Shadow Minister for Local Government Peter Primrose said today.

“The suspension of the General Manager is the last thing we expected to come out of Wednesday night’s council meeting.

“Hurstville Council and its Liberal Mayor are now even further from a resolution to this case – and instead the person trying to hold the Mayor to account has been suspended.

“If Paul Toole does not act, he’s sending a dangerous message to developers: don't worry if there’s asbestos on your site potentially contaminating neighbouring properties and waterways.

“You won’t be prosecuted – all you have to do is go and become your local Mayor, and you will receive special treatment.

“Inaction from the Minister will also send a clear message to every General Manager of every Council in NSW: whatever you do, don't stand up to your Mayor about asbestos or public safety, because your job will be on the line.

“The Minister promised he'd be watching this closely – now he must act.

“Not only is this an integrity issue, this is an urgent public safety issue.”