The reintroduction of the M4 toll by the Liberal-National Government will cost Western Sydney motorists a staggering $26 billion over the 43 year contract period, as new figures show just how much cash Premier Berejiklian has raked in to date. 

NSW Labor Opposition analysis of government figures reveals that 50 million tolls have been issued in the first year of the M4 toll raking in approximately $235 million from Western Sydney motorists.

The toll is unfair because it will have paid for the $497 million widening of the M4 by the end of next year. But the toll will still be charged until 2060 - and is set to increase by at least 4 per cent each year, double the rate of inflation.

NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley was today joined by the Western Sydney Labor MPs and candidates as well as people who have been directly affected by the reintroduction of the unfair M4 toll.

Labor MPs across Western Sydney have been inundated with letters and emails from local residents who are unhappy at the extra burden they have to pay each week, when their households are already challenged with rising cost of living pressures.

To mark the one year anniversary since the Berejiklian Government unfairly imposed the toll, NSW Labor has launched a crowdfunding campaign to install a billboard along the M4 to let drivers know that only Labor will bring back the M4 Cashback.

Labor has pledged to introduce an M4 Cashback scheme to refund tolls to car drivers who are paying more than $2,275 in tolls per year for the stretch of motorway.

The toll on the M4 was previously removed by the NSW Labor Government in 2010 because the road had already been paid for.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley 

“Western Sydney drivers will be slugged $26 billion on a road that was already paid for, all because the Berejiklian Government is using those tolls to pay for roads like her mega tunnel to the Northern Beaches. 

“The widened section of the M4 will be paid off by the end of next year yet the toll will stay in place till 2060. This is nothing but highway robbery. 

“Premier Berejiklian has brought back the M4 toll but she has not brought back the cashback. Only Labor will restore the M4 Cashback to lighten the load of cost of living pressures for families. 

“The Premier doesn’t have to slug Western Sydney motorists but her privatisation of WestConnex will lock in tolls on the M4 for decades to come. It is an unfair tax on Western Sydney.”