The Berejiklian Government has shown complete contempt for the people of NSW by releasing promotional photos of a design for a new Moore Park stadium, despite the project not having secured any planning approvals.

Not only have the results of a design competition for Moore Park been kept hidden but the stadium’s demolition does not yet have planning approval.

No decisions on the stadium should be taken until after the State Election in March so that the people of NSW can have their say.

The Berejiklian Government is behaving arrogantly in trying to push ahead with its Stadiums Splurge before the March election.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The Berejiklian Government is showing complete contempt for the people of NSW by flashing around pictures of a new stadium before people have voted.

“Let the people vote in March on whether they want these billions spent on schools and hospitals or on a new stadium at Moore Park.

“This is a rigged game; if they intend to send a wrecking ball in before people have a chance to vote.

“The Government should pause the demolition until the millions of people in this State get to vote on what the priorities of a NSW Government should be.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Sport Lynda Voltz

“It shows complete arrogance that they’ve put a fence around the stadium before they’ve got approval to demolish it.

“The people of NSW should be given the opportunity to pass judgement on Berejiklian’s wasteful stadiums splurge.”