Taxpayers foot the bill as Liberals fail to collect transport fines


Taxpayers are being forced to fill a $15 million shortfall as the Liberal Government is failing to recover millions in fines for fare evasion on the NSW public transport network.

New figures reveal the Government is still owed at least $14.79 million in outstanding fines for fare evasion over the past few years – $4.77 million from 2012-13 and $10.02 million in 2013-14.

Shadow Minister for Transport Ryan Park said the growing list of outstanding fine payments revealed the extent of the fare evasion problem. 

“The government has pledged to crackdown on fare evaders – but these figures show the problem is widespread,” Mr Park said.

“Hardworking commuters are footing the bill and the Government appears to be doing little to recover the money.

“This Liberal Government is still waiting to collect money from fines issued three years ago.

“It’s all well and good to fine those people who fail to pay their way – but what’s the point if you never see the money from those fines?

“This $15 million hole doesn’t even take into account the millions the Government must be losing from Opal readers breaking down on a daily basis.

“This money would go a long way to getting on with building commuter car parks, easy access and station upgrades - yet this government is doing little to recover this money.”