Sydney Water disruptions up 30% - As household water bills continue to rise under O'Farrell


Sydney households and businesses have been forced to endure a 30 per cent increase in the number of water disruptions lasting more than five hours – at the same time the O'Farrell Government is sending water bills skyrocketing.

"There has been a 30 per cent increase in the number of homes and businesses left without water for more than five hours – and the O'Farrell Government is still sending water prices soaring," Shadow Minister for Water, Luke Foley said today.

"The Sydney Water Corporation Operational Audit 2010/11 has revealed Sydney Water can't even explain the cause of the huge increase in water interruptions.

"The audit has also warned that if the huge spike in water disruptions continues, Sydney Water could breach its own operating license.

"Instead of shedding hundreds of jobs at Sydney Water and forcing it to make a monstrous profit, the O'Farrell Government should be delivering reliable water services to households and businesses.

"The O'Farrell Government can hardly send Sydney Water bills skyrocketing if it doesn’t even provide a reliable service to customers.

"Under Sydney Water's proposed increases, at the current rate of inflation, average household water bills will be:

Year Annual bill Increase
2012/13 $1248.34 $143
2013/14 $1313.63 $208
2014/15 $1380.13 $275
2015/16 $1447.81 $343


"The average Sydney household will fork out an extra $969 in water bills over the next four years – all because Barry O'Farrell signed off to gouge massive profits out of Sydney Water.

"Barry O'Farrell is jacking up the water bills of families and businesses right across Sydney – but still can’t manage to provide them with a reliable service."