Labor has uncovered a secret Government plan to more than double the number of demountable classrooms in NSW schools.

It involves another 5,800 demountables parked on school grounds to keep up with the overcrowding crisis in schools. 

That means some children may never receive an education in a school with brick walls.

NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley says Labor forced the information from the Berejiklian Government using Freedom of Information legislation.

The Government has suppressed the full $300,000 report it commissioned from consultants KPMG on how many thousand additional demountables it needs and at what cost.

It shockingly reveals:

  • Another 5,796 demountable classrooms are needed (see GIPA document attached)
  • 5,158 demountables from the total stock of 6,114 demountables are already on school and TAFE sites
  • The Department will run out of demountables between 2018 and 2020.
  • The first demountables were built in 1964. The last in 1988.
  • NSW is the only State where no demountable has ever been removed from circulation.
  • NSW is the only State with two-storey demountables – because of metro school overcrowding.

NSW school demountables were built and are maintained by prisoners in three jails – because they are the cheapest labour.

Mr. Foley was speaking at Eastwood Heights public school – which is already operating at capacity, has a growing collection of demountables and foundations dug for another.

He accused the Liberal Government of total abdication on education across the State as it is building fewer than half the schools Labor built each year and because:

  • Thousands of TAFE teachers have been sacked.
  • Public land on which schools should be built is being sold time after time to property developers.
  • The school maintenance backlog is now $775 million - and spiralling further out of control
  • Already 11.6% of the teaching spaces in the State’s schools are demountables.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“We’ve known for some time and this now adds to the proof; Premier Berejiklian hates the idea of spending anything on educating our children.

‘Her approach to education is scandalous. She and her Government make a big deal of saying one thing – while they’re actively planning the opposite.

‘Every New South Wales family knows they’re being stiffed – by a Government that’s bingeing on the toll road Kool-Aid. The Liberals don’t think education is important.”

Quotes attributable to NSW Shadow Education Minister Jihad Dib

“While our students are crammed into schools, this Government prioritises a $2billion sports stadium upgrade – our children deserve better than the cheap and nasty option of increased demountables.”

‘Once considered a temporary solution, demountables seem to have become the go-to permanent option for this Government.”

‘This Government will constantly say it has allocated record amounts of money to school upgrades and rebuilds. What it doesn’t say is that they have only built an average of two schools a year for the past 6 years – less than half Labor’s average of 5 schools a year.”

Quotes attributable to Daniel Mookhey MLC

“At the same time Gladys Berejiklian was promising new classrooms, she’s been secretly planning to buy thousands of new demountables.‘

“It took a forthright freedom of information campaign by the NSW Opposition to drag this secret plan into the public domain.”