The Baird Government has been caught napping on the issue of extremists preaching religious intolerance in NSW schools.

The Government has finally taken action, despite attempts by Islamic organisations to raise their concerns with Government.

Late last night the Premier was forced to issue a statement to a newspaper saying it was tackling the issue by sending a memo to the Education Department and the Police, restating a promise to work collaboratively with a group tackling violent extremists and conduct a state-wide audit of all school prayer groups.

The NSW Opposition says any measures should be undertaken in full consultation and involvement with the Islamic community.

Quotes attributable to NSW Shadow Education Minister Linda Burney:

“I’m glad to see the Premier is doing something about this important issue but the fact remains he has only been spurred into action by the media.”

“For some time the Muslim community has been calling on the Government for proper support and training to deliver appropriate programs and ensure radical voices don’t enter our schools. There’s no shortage of highly-qualified people of Islamic faith that could contribute and they should be included in this review.”

“Mike Baird needs to set out the terms of the review and when it will be delivered. He also needs to make sure it doesn’t sit in someone’s in tray until the next time the media come calling.”

“Most parents would be surprised to learn that there are already policies in place to ban extremism from our schools. Clearly they are not being enforced and that is a serious oversight by the Government.”