Sam Haddad should not be the scapegoat for political failure - Baird takes the axe to public service instead of taking responsibility


Shadow Minister for Planning Luke Foley today said Mike Baird should not be taking out the Coalitions failure to deliver planning reform on the public service.

Only hours after Mike Baird’s new Ministry was sworn in following the sudden resignation of former Premier Barry O’Farrell – it has been revealed that the Director-General of the Planning Department has been sacked.

“The failure of the Liberal National Government to deliver its major election promise of a new planning act should not be sheeted home to a public servant,” Mr Foley said.

“This failure is a political failure. A failure for which former Minister Brad Hazzard and the entire Cabinet are to blame.

“It was the Coalition Government that chose to present a planning bill to the parliament that was utterly at odds with the Coalitions election pledge to return planning powers to local communities.

“Sam Haddad is a completely impartial public servant who has served both Labor and Coalition governments for many years and he does not deserve to be the scapegoat for the government’s failures.

Mr Foley also said Mike Baird’s decision to create a new department which includes Planning, Environment and Heritage and Local Government was extraordinary.

“On day one in government the coalition abolished the Environment Department – and instead put it in the Premier’s Department,” Mr Foley said.

“NSW needs a stand-alone environment department that will provide a strong and robust voice for environmental protection – and this is exactly what a future Labor government would do.”