Robyn Parker strikes again: Claims she is saving koalas… In forest she has already logged


Environment Minister Robyn Parker has struck again, this time claiming credit for federal funding to stop the logging of key koala habitat in the Bermagui State Forest – which she has already allowed to be logged.

"Robyn Parker is unbelievably trying to claim credit for 'saving' the koala habitat she allowed loggers into," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said today.

"The South East Region Conservation Alliance wrote to Robyn Parker and Barry O'Farrell on 13 June 2011 begging them not to go ahead with logging of the native forest in Bermagui.

"On 21 June, conservationists wrote to Ms Parker advising that logging contractors had moved into the Bermagui State Forest that morning and implored her to stop that logging of koala habitat.

"On 7 July, my colleague Senator Doug Cameron wrote to the NSW Government asking them not to proceed with logging in koala habitat within the Bermagui State Forest.

"On 27 October, Robyn Parker infamously declared 'logging protects koalas' at an estimates hearing.

"At that same hearing, I grilled Ms Parker over the logging of koala habitat in the Bermagui State Forest."

Mr Foley: Why are you content to preside over the destruction of that last remaining critical population on the South Coast?

Ms Parker: You call it presiding, I call it responsible Government. What we are doing is fixing up 16 years of Labor problems.

 Mr Foley: You call killing the remaining koalas responsible Government, do you?

 "Robyn Parker refused to lift a finger to stop the logging of koala habitat on the far South Coast," Mr Foley said.

"Now, she is seeking credit for $1.9 million of Federal Labor Government money.

 "Ms Parker should do some good and support my Private Members Bill amending the National Parks and Wildlife Act, to increase maximum penalties by tenfold for environmental offences committed in the course of carrying out forestry operations.

"A tenfold increase in penalties for illegal forestry operations will help ensure the future of our threatened species.

"Robyn Parker, of all people, should be concerned for our threatened species."