Robyn Parker spends National Biodiversity Month attacking our environment


Environment Minister Robyn Parker spent National Biodiversity Month attacking measures to support plants and animals in NSW, Shadow Environment Minister Luke Foley said today.

National Biodiversity Month is celebrated each September and promotes the protection of our unique plants and animals.

"There are more than 1000 native species, populations and ecological communities threatened with extinction in NSW right now,” Mr Foley said.

"Instead of using National Biodiversity Month to support biodiversity in NSW, Robyn Parker spent September making matters worse.”

In National Biodiversity Month, Robyn Parker:

  • Weakened protections for the iconic river red gum forests and wetlands, opening the Murray Valley National Park for firewood collection – putting at risk threatened woodland bird species including the Gilberts Whistler, Speckled Warbler and Diamond Firetail;
  • Attacked Labor’s historic Native Vegetation Act and refused to rule out winding back laws that stop broad scale land clearing; and
  • Refused to rule out dismantling the independent NSW Scientific Committee, which expertly assesses threatened species in NSW.

"National Biodiversity Month should be a key period on the calendar of any Environment Minister, but Robyn Parker has been silent on protecting biodiversity in NSW," Mr Foley said.

"The conservation of our native plants and animals is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing NSW today.

"I challenge Robyn Parker to guarantee she will not dismantle the NSW Scientific Committee or wind back Labor's historic land clearing laws.

"NSW needs an Environment Minister who is willing to act to protect biodiversity."