Robyn Parker does it again – Hapless minister doesn't know the name of National Parks Association CEO


Environment Minister Robyn Parker – who is overseeing the introduction of recreational hunting in our national parks – was today unable to name the CEO of the National Parks Association of NSW, Kevin Evans in budget estimates.

Ms Parker was only able to provide Mr Evan's name after she was told it by one of her bureaucrats.

Ms Parker also repeatedly refused to rule out allowing loggers back into our national parks – despite being invited to do so.

"The Environment Minister who is supposed to be responsible for introducing recreational hunting in national parks doesn’t know the name of the CEO of the NSW National Parks Association," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said today.

"When I asked Ms Parker the name of the National Parks Association of NSW CEO in budget estimates today, she was unable to provide it, until prompted by her bureaucrats.

"Ms Parker doesn’t even know the name of one of the key stakeholders she claims to be consulting with on her government's decision to allow hunting in national parks.

"Let's not forget this is the same Minister who famously was unable to name the then head of Orica, Graeme Liebelt, at the height of a chemical spill in Stockton last year.

"How can anyone have any faith in Ms Parker to do the right thing by our national parks if she can’t even name the head of the NSW National Parks Association?

"Robyn Parker has done it again.

"The time is long overdue for Mr O'Farrell to drop this Minister from Cabinet."