Reveals CSG buyback scheme to be a tacky PR stunt


The Baird Government’s claim it is listening to community concern about coal seam gas has been exposed as an act – with the latest budget showing the petroleum exploration licences (PEL) buy back scheme is set to expire next Tuesday, 30 June 2015.

In March, the Baird Government announced it would buy back PELs – and plugged the buyback scheme as a key pillars of its NSW Gas Plan. PELs allow exploration for coal seam and unconventional gases.

Labor has called for a moratorium to all CSG activity in NSW until the Chief Scientist’s recommendations are implemented in full – and a complete ban on CSG activity in the Northern Rivers.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy Adam Searle

“This budget makes clear the PEL buy back scheme was just an election ploy by the Government.”

“At the last minute to midnight, the Liberals and Nationals twigged to the heavy opposition to the expansion of coal seam gas in NSW and cobbled together a plan to get through the election.”

“The end of the buyback scheme just confirms what communities knew from the start: the scheme was a disingenuous PR stunt.”

“The majority of the PELs reclaimed had no CSG stores worth extracting – the companies didn’t even want the licences anymore.”

“As Anthony Roberts said himself, ‘actions speak louder than words’[1] – and winding up the PEL buyback just three months after the election speaks volumes.”