Record taxes, record fees, record spin


Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley:

“The 2015/16 NSW Budget is built on the back of record stamp duty taxes that are unsustainable. It isn’t about building our future: it’s about record taxes, record fees and record spin.”

“Quite simply Mike Baird is the highest-taxing state premier in the history of Australia.”

“Its surplus is built solely on the rivers of gold from Sydney homeowners paying stamp duty, and when the Sydney housing market comes off the boil – as it will – a deep deficit is certain to follow.”

“The state’s finances will be in a drastic condition without the dividends from state-owned assets and when Tony Abbott cuts $25 billion from our schools and hospitals.”

“This government has ignored its own Treasury’s advice that a $1.5 billion hole in the state’s finances would open up as a result of the sale of electricity assets.”

“Nothing in today’s budget ensures that quality schools and hospitals can be delivered and sustained in the years ahead.”

“This is a short term, lazy budget surfing off the back of those rivers of gold. It does nothing to prepare us for the years ahead when stamp duties start falling, and it does nothing to set us up for a sustainable future.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Michael Daley:

“This is nothing but a budget of spin, and this is a government that says one thing and does another.”

“The people of NSW would do well to look at what this government has done - in contrast to what it has promised.”

“In his first budget, Mike Baird promised to spend $62.5 billion on infrastructure projects over four years. In fact, over the last 4 years he only managed to spend $55.7 billion. That’s $6 billion not spent on vital projects and thousands of jobs not created. This budget’s $68 billion promise is hollow.”

“Since it came to power, this Government has underspent in health by $400 million and in education by $1.1 billion and yet they are raking in $7 billion more in tax.”

“This Budget exposes how much this state’s finances are reliant on the stamp duty that flows from a cyclical property market.”

“Importantly, the cuts that Mike Baird’s mate Tony Abbott announced are still to come, with federal health and education cuts to cost our state $26 billion over 10 years.”