Pyrmont Bridge's planned garden project scrapped after cyclists, pedestrians left un-Amazed


Originally published: The Daily Telegraph online, October 7 2014, 11:47am

The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority’s Amaze, which would have seen the installation of three 60-metre long compost barges across the busy foot bridge was officially withdrawn from planning last week in an announcement made by Minister for Planning, Pru Goward.

A ministerial spokesman said it was a disappointing outcome.

“By the end of October, the spring planting season is over and the opportunity is lost,” the spokesman said.

“It’s a shame tourists and pedestrians will miss out on an interesting and fun ­installation, and the restaurants in Darling Harbour won’t have the extra ­visitors.

“It’s so important to keep Darling Harbour interesting while the Convention and Exhibition Centre is being built, and it’s just a shame the City of Sydney seems to have a one bike-track mind.”

City of Sydney Labor councillor Linda Scott welcomed the decision stating the busy footbridge was an inappropriate location.

“The Pyrmont Bridge serves as a key pedestrian and cycle route for over 17,000 inner city residents and visitors each day,” Cr Scott said.

“This development application, if approved, would have seen increased congestion on Pyrmont Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.”

“Sydney needs more routes for walking and cycling, not less.”

“This proposal should now be formally withdrawn and reconsidered in a new location.”

Shadow Planning Minister Luke Foley supported the decision to withdraw the plans.

“I’m all for sustainability, but plonking a six metre wide, 180 metre long compost heap on the busy Pyrmont Bridge was simply planning madness,” he said.

Executive director of communications for Bicycle NSW, Sophie Bartho said the decision was a win for pedestrian and cyclists in the city.

“It is great to see that the Government has listened to the advocacy work of Bicycle NSW, BIKESydney and all our Affiliated Bicycle User Groups,” she said.

“Our collective voice is making a positive impact on improving active transport and Bicycle NSW has offered to work with SHFA and the Government on an appropriate investment and solution on Pyrmont Bridge to improve the cyclist and pedestrian interplay which will achieve significant sustainability and mobility objectives.”

The DA for Amaze remains to be withdrawn.

Originally published as: Pyrmont Bridge's planned garden project scrapped after cyclists, pedestrians left un-Amazed