Premier Mike Baird must rule out a two million dollar increase to his Cabinet in the forthcoming reshuffle.

Despite announcing it months ago, Mr Baird has stalled on reshuffling his Cabinet, following a string of Ministerial disappointments, including hospital scandals plaguing his health minister and the loss of his Deputy after the Orange by-election.

NSW Labor is concerned the delayed reshuffle is due to political infighting as Liberal and National members jostle for a position in the ministry.

The Premier is being urged to put internal party politics aside and keep his cabinet at 22 Ministers, rather than add a number of roles just to accommodate a larger group at the cost of the taxpayer.

Each Minister costs the Government around $1.8 million a year, factoring in Ministerial salaries and Ministerial employees, office accommodation at Martin Place and Parliament House and the Department of Premier and Cabinet support services.

The public should not have to fork out millions of dollars for extra Ministers appointed only to keep political peace.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Mike Baird will be tempted to expand his ministry in this reshuffle to satisfy everybody and keep the peace.

“He must rule out expanding his cabinet simply to give everyone in his parliamentary party a prize.

“Political infighting has delayed this reshuffle, but it shouldn’t cost the public millions.”