Premier Berejiklian is blocking the NSW Labor Opposition’s move for a fresh inquiry by the corruption watchdog into the conduct of the disgraced former Member for Wagga Wagga, Daryl Maguire, and any connections between her ministers and property developers.

On two occasions on Wednesday, the Liberal-National Government stymied Labor’s attempts to get the Independent Commission against Corruption to investigate all of Mr Maguire’s alleged dealings.

The Premier consistently and wrongly continues to assert that any matters regarding links between Mr Maguire, her ministers and property developers are already being investigated by the ICAC.

The scope of the current ICAC inquiry is confined to the geographic area once covered by Canterbury Council; it does not cover his alleged lobbying for developments on the outskirts of western Sydney along the corridor of the M9, Green Square at the edge of Sydney’s CBD and a development at Hyde Park in the CBD.

Today Labor attempted to trigger Section 73 of the ICAC Act, which allows the NSW Parliament to refer a matter to the corruption watchdog, but the Liberals and Nationals blocked it.

Labor then attempted to move a motion accorded priority but that too was voted down.

The Liberal-National Government has no credibility when it comes to integrity and the ICAC – it cut the investigative body’s budget, clipped its investigative powers and restructured its management to curb its authority because it had the temerity to investigate Liberal MPs.

Mr Maguire is now the 11th Liberal MP to leave the NSW Parliament under a cloud following an ICAC investigation.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The public have a right to know if the lurk merchants working for the powerful property developers are actually running Macquarie Street.

“The Premier talks a big game when it comes to integrity but she does nothing. She says ‘refer the matter to the ICAC’ knowing full well that the agency cannot look at everything Mr Maguire got up to.

“She sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil but frankly it is not good enough. The public should expect more of their Premier but are used to being very disappointed.”

“The Premier will use every power at her disposal to ensure the truth about the links between her ministers and property developers never see the light of day.”