NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has lashed out at the State Government accusing it of bias against Western Sydney after it dropped its commitment for light rail through Sydney Olympic Park.

Mr Foley asked what Ms Berejiklian had against the people of Western Sydney because she’d dumped the Western Sydney portfolio as soon as she became Premier, and is now dumping transport projects.

The failure to extend the light rail through to Sydney Olympic Park and Strathfield is just the latest blow, following the news last year that the State Government had lured 5,000 Commonwealth Bank jobs from Olympic Park to Redfern.

Mr Foley said everyone who went to a big game at Sydney Olympic Park knew the transport situation there was inadequate. Ms Berejiklian axed the last direct train services there when she was Transport Minister, under the guise of a new timetable.

Now the fastest growing residential suburbs in Sydney around Olympic Park have been left without the transport connections they were promised. This is despite Greater Sydney Commission chief commissioner Lucy Turnbull currently identifying the Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula – known as GPOP – as the priority area for Sydney’s future planning. 

In his earliest weeks as Labor leader Mr Foley committed to light rail for Westmead, Parramatta, Olympic Park and on to Strathfield.

Now the only way the people of Western Sydney will get a light rail network that connects Westmead, Parramatta, Olympic Park and Strathfield will be under Labor 

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“The Liberals have walked away from light rail to and from Olympic Park. And they have consigned Olympic Park to a transport backwater. 

“The first thing that Ms Berejiklian did when she became Premier was dump the Western Sydney portfolio. Now she is jettisoning Western Sydney transport projects that the Liberals had already committed to.

“She axed direct train services; she’s now axed a light rail. What has she got against Western Sydney?

“This is the fastest growing residential area of Sydney, around Olympic Park, but it has been deliberately deprived of proper transport connections – this is a disgrace, and insult added to injury.”