Premier makes secret trip to Stockton but fails to deliver air quality monitoring


Premier Barry O'Farrell has snuck into Stockton for a secret visit – but failed to announce air quality monitoring sites for Stockton and Mayfield following the Orica chemical leak.

"The Premier has made a secret visit to Stockton, but failed to say whether he will deliver the air quality monitoring the community and Labor Opposition is calling for," Shadow Minister for the Environment, Luke Foley said.

"The Premier has made a secret, flying visit to Stockton to meet with a handful of people.

"The Premier's own staff denied he was even in Stockton when initially asked by the Hunter media, only to admit the visit later in the day.

"The visit was the perfect opportunity for the Premier to deliver what the Stockton community are demanding.

"An air quality monitoring station would immediately inform the community if hazardous substances were discharged into the atmosphere.

"The Labor Opposition has been calling for the immediate installation of air quality monitoring at Stockton and Mayfield and our petition launched last week already has hundreds of signatures.

"Air quality monitoring sites will provide reliable, real time data on air quality in Stockton and Mayfield.

"The community is calling for the air quality monitoring sites and the Premier needs to listen and deliver.

"After the O'Farrell Government's abysmal handling of the Orica incident so far, the least the Premier can do is deliver 24-hour air quality monitoring for Stockton and Mayfield."