NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has once again left the door open to striking a deal to direct Liberal preferences to One Nation candidates at the 2019 NSW election.

Despite ample opportunity to cast aside any doubt Ms Berejiklian continues to fuel speculation that the NSW Liberal Party – which she leads – will direct preferences to One Nation candidates as it did in last weekend’s Western Australia election. 

In television news report last night the Premier once again refused to follow the lead set by Labor, which has stated it will not direct its preferences to One Nation candidates.

 “I’ve been very, very consistent with relation to preferences. I’ve said vote one Liberals and Nationals. The state election is not for another two years, so I’m not willing to talk preferences, which is in a sense, a state organisation matter anyway.” (ABC TV)

Earlier this month in the NSW Parliament the Premier was asked to make the same commitment as Labor but she failed to do so. 

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has continued to make deeply offensive and racist remarks to the Sydney Chinese community and multicultural communities across the country. 

In 1996 she talked of being swamped by Asians and after the most recent Federal election she said: "You go and ask a lot of people in Sydney, at Hurstville or some of those other suburbs; they feel that they have been swamped by Asians.”

NSW Labor condemns her comments which seek to cause division within our communities.

NSW has a long and proud multicultural history and NSW Labor has pledged to not direct preferences to One Nation candidates.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Real leaders make it clear where they stand but Ms Berejiklian hides on this issue. I make it clear that NSW Labor will do no preference deals with One Nation.

“It’s not good enough to hide behind the party machine on an issue as divisive and corrosive as a resurgent One Nation.

“She should display some leadership and come out and take a strong stand against One Nation.

“Failure to do so can mean one thing only – that a deal is in the offing and that the toxicity of One Nation will be given a chance to take root in NSW.”