The Baird Government’s plan to terminate the contract of Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) commissioner Megan Latham will forever weaken the corruption fighter’s power.

NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley has rebuked Premier Mike Baird’s sneaky clause to prematurely end the contract of Ms Latham stating it will remove the confidence of any future ICAC Commissioner to investigate any future governing party of NSW.

Ms Latham led the investigation into the corrupt actions of the NSW Liberal Party resulting in the end of the careers of several high profile Liberal Party figures.

Under the legislation introduced into NSW Parliament yesterday, Ms Latham would be unceremoniously removed from her role before its 2019 completion date so three Government appointed commissioners would take her place.

Mr Foley labelled the introduction of the sneaky clause by Mr Baird as a deliberate act that sought to aid and abet the shonks in the Liberal Party that Ms Latham sought to uncover. 

The actions by Mr Baird have raised fears that the decades of bipartisan work to stamp out corruption may be jeopardised at the Premier’s fancy.

Quotes attributable NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Thanks to Mr Baird no future ICAC commissioner will have the confidence to ever embark on an investigation into the Governing party of the state knowing what happened to Commissioner Megan Latham.

“Mr Baird has chosen to aid and abet the shonks in his party by attacking the ICAC commissioner who brought the criminal and corrupt elements of the Liberal Party to light.

“When ICAC investigated corrupt characters in the Labor party we purged those individuals from our party. Yet when ICAC investigated corrupt characters in the Liberal Party Mr Baird purged the ICAC Commissioner.

“Mr Baird has capitulated to the lynch mob of corrupt Liberal Party figures who have been out for the scalp of the ICAC Commissioner Latham since she uncovered their actions.”