The Liberal State Government is using the cover of the Christmas holiday season to sneak in a 4 per cent price hike on the M4 toll, confirming that cost of living pressures are the last thing on Premier Berejiklian’s mind. 

On January 1, 2018 the cost of a one-way toll for the M4 between Parramatta and Homebush will rise 18 cents to $4.74, the Government has confirmed.

The annual bill for a regular Western Sydney commuter will climb $87 to $2,275.

The rate is set at 4 per cent or the rate of inflation, whichever is higher, and will be an annual impost for the next 34 years thanks to the terms of the secret contract engineered by the Liberal Government.

The 4 per cent rise is currently more than twice the rate of inflation.

Premier Berejiklian re-introduced the toll in August after the previous Labor removed it in 2010 when the road was paid for.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Western Sydney Luke Foley

“Under the cover of Christmas this Government is sneaking in a further price rise that will add almost $2 a week to Western Sydney motorists’ already large toll bill.

“This Government hopes no one will notice the increase but Western Sydney motorist is acutely aware of any hit to their hip pocket at this time of year.

“These unfair and unaffordable tolls are nothing more than a tax on Western Sydney that people can ill afford.

“The Premier may like to talk about measures to ease the cost of living but jacking up the tolls while everyone is away on holidays shows that is just that – talk.”