NSW Labor will force a debate in State Parliament over a proposed $700 million energy-from-waste incinerator in Eastern Creek, after more than 10,000 signatures were collected from Western Sydney residents.

Opposition Leader Luke Foley launched the campaign in July last year after it was revealed the potentially deadly plant would be built near schools and homes, with residents fearing they would be forced to move due to the toxic pollution it would spew into the air.

Mr Foley met last week with representatives from the No Incinerator for Western Sydney action group, who are furious that this proposal looks set to get the green light from the Berejiklian Government.

The application for the incinerator was made by Dial-A-Dump Chief Executive Ian Malouf. More than a thousand submissions have been made to the planning department- most objecting to the plant with barely a handful in support.

The Premier has previously indicated that the NSW Government will “consider its options” but NSW Labor says it is time to show action and scrap the clearly unpopular proposal which was not supported by the Environmental Protection Authority or NSW Health.

Mr Foley has accused the Berejiklian Government of blatant disregard for the health of residents of Western Sydney with no consideration for the incinerator to be built in North Sydney.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“Western Sydney residents have made their feelings clear and I am more than happy to present this petition to the NSW Parliament for debate. The Berejiklian Government must listen to their concerns and abandon this waste incinerator madness now.

“Why should people be forced to endure toxic pollution from this potentially deadly plant because of their post code? This government would never enforce it on the homes, schools and shops across the North Shore.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Western Sydney Prue Car MP

“Rather than take on the concerns of people in Western Sydney, the NSW Government decides to steamroll ahead with this project. We listened and we want to take this to a debate in Parliament.

“The Premier must scrap this potentially deadly plan and spare the residents of Western Sydney being exposed to this toxic mess.”