Parker changes her story in attempt to cover up her monumental incometence


Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker has been caught out changing her story again today in a desperate attempt to justify her failure to speak to the Head of Orica, Graeme Liebelt.

Earlier today Orica CEO Graeme Liebelt revealed that he had phoned Ms Parker three times on August 15, 16 and 17 in the week after the first Orica leak, only to be told that "the Minister was busy".

Ms Parker's spin team then went into overdrive to try to explain the Minister's utter incompetence in refusing to take Mr Liebelt's calls.

Ms Parker told ABC radio this afternoon that she couldn't speak to Mr Liebelt because: "It is totally inappropriate for a Minister to speak with anyone under criminal investigation" – Today, 17 November, ABC radio.

This is completely at odds with her assertion last week that: "I am in touch with Orica all of the time" – 10 November, 2011

Shadow Minister for the Environment Luke Foley said Ms Parker has got to go.

"It beggars belief that the NSW Environment Minister would not take a call from the head of a major Australian company licensed by her own agency following a major chemical leak," said Mr Foley.

"Of course it is right and proper for the Environment Minister of this state to engage with Orica in an attempt to ensure that their future operations protect the environment and the community.

"Indeed, Robyn Parker has been monumentally derelict in her duty in failing to take any of Mr Liebelt's phone calls.

"Was Ms Parker lying last Thursday when she volunteered at her infamous press conference that "I am in touch with Orica all of the time" or has she simply changed her story on the run this afternoon to save her own skin?

"The Premier should do the right thing and sack her today."