Parker approves logging habitat of endangered yellow bellied glider


Environment Minister Robyn Parker has amended the Forest Operation Approvals for southern NSW to allow logging the habitat of the yellow bellied glider – which her own expert Scientific Committee names as an endangered species facing a very high risk of extinction.

Yellow bellied glider

The documents were lodged with the NSW Parliament the day after it rose for 2011 in an obvious attempt to avoid scrutiny. They will be tabled when Parliament resumes in 2012.

"First Robyn Parker said logging protects koalas, now she has approved logging the habitat of the endangered yellow bellied glider," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said today.

"Even the Minister's own expert Scientific Committee, which assesses threatened species in NSW, has listed the yellow bellied glider as an endangered species 'facing a very high risk of extinction in NSW in the near future'.

"Currently, logging operations in the southern region of NSW forbid logging that is likely to harm an endangered population or ecological community.

"Unbelievably, Robyn Parker has now amended the Integrated Forestry Operation Approvals for the southern region to allow 'harm to the endangered yellow bellied glider of the Bago Plateau'.

"The Bago Plateau, near Tumut, is home to high quality habitat for the endangered yellow bellied glider, which was first declared an endangered species in 2008.

"The yellow bellied glider is facing the very real risk of extinction and the NSW Environment Minister is doing everything she can to wipe out this endangered Australian marsupial.

"We have an Environment Minister in NSW who just point blank refuses to do anything to protect the environment."