Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been caught out running a secret shuttle for Government employees in Sydney, as she axes the free Gong Shuttle.

NSW taxpayers are footing the bill for a private shuttle bus to take senior Roads and Maritime Services employees five kilometres out of the city and back again, when they could be getting on public buses.

Documents released under Freedom of Information laws reveal that the Berejiklian Government is spending at least $300,000 a year on the shuttle which RMS employees get to ride for free.

Not only does the shuttle run in the morning and afternoon, it also runs at midday to take employees into the city to have lunch.

It comes as Ms Berejiklian breaks her promise to keep the Gong Shuttle free for Illawarra residents.

From January next year passengers will have to pay between $2.15 and $4.61 to ride.

Quotes attributable to NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley

“This is a secret shuttle just for Gladys Berejiklian’s fat cats – your tax dollars at work.

“This is the shuttle that should be axed – not the free Gong Shuttle.

“You just can’t justify this amount of money being spent on a very small number of Berejiklian Government employees.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Illawarra Ryan Park

“This is outrageous and adds insult to injury to the people that travel on the Gong Shuttle.

“The Liberals thought they could get away with running this private shuttle just for their employees using your taxpayer dollars.

“Illawarra residents have every right to be completely disgusted by this splash of cash on travel perks for a few while the Premier breaks her promise to keep the Gong Shuttle free.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Wollongong Paul Scully

“If the Government thought it was facing angry residents before this secret shuttle was revealed - now there will be white-hot rage.

 “Premier Berejiklian and her Transport Minister are running a free shuttle just for their mates while they are completely dudding Wollongong residents.”