Orica cover up deepens - Toxic chemical spill transported to Western Sydney


The Labor Opposition has tonight revealed that the Orica chemical spill was transported to Homebush Bay and inappropriately stored in the open air for six to seven days – with the community kept in the dark yet again.

Tankers transported the liquid waste from the Orica spill to Transpacific's liquid treatment plant in Hill Road, Homebush Bay on 9 August – the day after the leak from Orica's Kooragang Island ammonia plant.

The waste was discharged into open, uncovered concrete bunds where it remained for seven days until it was moved into secure, covered steel storage tanks.

The liquid waste was exposed to the sun, leading to residue evaporating and being released into the atmosphere - placing local residents and visitors to the Olympic Park precinct at potential risk.

"The Orica cover up continues," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said tonight.

"When Robyn Parker finally informed the public about the Orica chemical leak on 11 August, she stated that Office of Environment and Heritage representatives had supervised the cleanup of the Orica plant on 9 August.

"What she didn’t say is that the toxic waste was loaded into a tanker and trucked to the geographical heart of Sydney.

"This incident raises serious questions about the O'Farrell Government's ability to manage serious chemical leaks into our environment.

"The O'Farrell Government took 54 hours to tell the people of Stockton about the leak of hexavalent chromium and it has now gone 23 days without telling the people of western Sydney that the spill was left uncovered in Homebush Bay.

"Why did the Environment Minister fail to tell the public about this?

"Once again, Robyn Parker has some serious questions to answer."