Opposition moves to censure Minister for Finance and Services


The NSW Opposition has moved to censure the Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce for misleading Parliament. The censure motion relates to his untrue claims that the Federal Government has refused to fund any increase in wages for community sector workers.

"The NSW Opposition has moved to censure the Minister for Finance and Services over his untrue and blatantly misleading comments on Government funding of pay rises to cover the equal pay case," Mr Foley said.

"This follows a shocking week for the O'Farrell Government in the Upper House – first forcing time limits on debates and then shutting down the Parliament because there was no legislation to debate.

"The Government also brought on Reverend Fred Nile's Bill to repeal ethics classes in NSW – in direct contradiction to their own election policy.

"The Premier should be downright embarrassed after his Government's disgraceful performance in the Upper House this week.

"We know the O'Farrell Government is showing no leadership – now the Minister for Finance and Services has confirmed they are also liars." Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Women, Sophie Cotsis called on the O'Farrell Government to recognise the rights of workers in the social and community work sector.

"Since its election the O'Farrell Government has consistently opposed the pay equity case, previously saying that it 'must fail'," Ms Cotsis said.

"Now the Minister for Finance and Services has resorted to misleading the Parliament to try and dodge questions on this important matter.

"Instead of playing games, the Premier should withdraw the Government's submission opposing the pay equity case and actually sit down and discuss equal wages with social and community workers."