Opposition calls on Environment Minister to rule out Centennial Park entry fee


The NSW Opposition has called on Environment Minister Robyn Parker to rule out charging
a car entry fee for Centennial Park.

The Centennial Park Master Plan proposes a new fee for all cars entering the park:
“The Park will explore phasing in over a five-year period a small car levy for all cars entering the Park…”

“For 125 years the people of Sydney have enjoyed Centennial Park without having to pay to get in,” said Shadow Minister for the Environment, Luke Foley.

“Sixty per cent of people who come to Centennial Park come by car. They should not have to pay a fee to drive in.

“This is a park for all the people of Sydney, not simply for the residents of Woollahra and Waverley.

“The park was created for the centenary of European settlement of Australia as a park for the people.
That is, a place for public recreation for the growing city of Sydney,” he said.

Mr Foley said that a car levy will be one consequence of the complete cessation of recurrent state government funding for Centennial Park from next financial year.

“The massive pressure that Treasury places on our public parklands and botanical gardens to raise more and more private funds ultimately debauches these public institutions,” said Mr Foley.