On world environment day, Labor calls on O’Farrell to protect national parks, support renewable energy, honour election promises on coal seam gas


On World Environment Day (today, June 5), the NSW Labor Opposition has called on the
O’Farrell Government to protect our national parks, support renewable energy and honour its
election promises to protect our environment from coal seam gas.

“The O’Farrell Government has an appalling record on environmental protection, but it could
redeem itself by honouring its election commitments,” Shadow Environment Minister, Luke
Foley said today.

“Mr O’Farrell needs to abandon hunting in national parks, support renewable energy and
honour his election promise to protect drinking water catchments from coal seam gas.”

Mr Foley has called on the O’Farrell Government and Environment Minister Robyn Parker to:

1. Protect our national parks:
• Abandon amateur hunting in national parks, which the Government’s own risk
assessment says will put public safety and the environment at risk; and
• Reject logging and grazing in our protected national parks.

2. Honour their election commitment to rule out coal seam gas in drinking water
• Prior to the last election, Mr O’Farrell promised: “The next Liberal/National
Government will ensure that mining cannot occur… in any water catchment
area, and will ensure that mining leases and mining exploration permits reflect
that common sense; no ifs, no buts, a guarantee” (Woodbury Park Rally,

In Government, he has done the complete opposite and refused to protect vital water catchments from coal seam gas.

3. Promote renewable energy:
• The O’Farrell Government should drop its restrictive planning guidelines that are designed to chronically handicap the development of wind farms and wind energy in NSW.

“In Opposition, Mr O’Farrell was all things to all people. But as soon as he came to office, the
Premier walked away from his campaign rhetoric to protect our environment – starting by abolishing the Environment Department on his first day,” said Mr Foley.