O’Farrell won't name second secret site for radioactive waste: Nothing to celebrate for Kemps Creek residents – Toxic waste from radioactive site still headed their way


The O’Farrell Government is now planning to dump radioactive waste from Hunters Hill at two sites in NSW – and won’t reveal the second community about to have radioactive waste dumped in their backyards.

“Not only will toxic waste from a radioactive site still be dumped at Kemps Creek, now another NSW community is on the O’Farrell Government’s secret list to receive radioactive waste and doesn’t even know it,” Opposition Leader John Robertson said.

“Kemps Creek families have nothing to celebrate – Barry O’Farrell’s solution is to hit two communities instead of disposing of the radioactive waste properly.

“Barry O’Farrell wouldn’t want toxic waste from a radioactive site dumped in his backyard and neither do the residents of western Sydney.

“The Premier is treating the people of NSW with contempt if he thinks it is OK to dump radioactive waste in someone’s backyard and keep it a secret.

“The Premier is clearly trying to avoid a second backlash by refusing to tell residents their community is about to become a radioactive dumping ground.”

Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said it was only six days ago that Minister Greg Pearce confirmed Kemps Creek was the only location the radioactive waste could be sent.

“This so-called solution raises more questions than it answers,” Mr Foley said.

“Less than one week ago the O’Farrell Government told us Kemps Creek was the only site in NSW the radioactive waste could be sent. Now, the Minister says there is another secret Office of Environment and Heritage facility where it can be kept.

“Kemps Creek is still going to receive truckloads of toxic waste from a radioactive site and another community is set to become the Government’s radioactive waste dump and doesn’t even know it.

“This is a broken promise of epic proportions – not content with dumping radioactive waste in one community, Barry O’Farrell is now going to split it between two.”