O'Farrell should adopt Labor's three point plan to protect our marine environment on World Oceans Day


The NSW Opposition has today renewed its calls for the O'Farrell Government to adopt Labor's three point plan to protect our marine environment – on World Oceans Day, 2012.

World Oceans Day is marked on 8 June each year.

  • NSW Labor is calling on the O’Farrell Government to:
  • Lift its five year moratorium on marine parks;
  • Reinstate protections for the critically endangered grey nurse shark; and
  • Protect the internationally endangered hawksbill sea turtle.

"On World Oceans Day, I am calling for our State Government to act to protect marine biodiversity, ecological processes and marine habitats," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said.

"As a first step, the O'Farrell Government should immediately overturn its five year moratorium on marine parks.

"The five year ban on marine parks was only ever implemented as part of another dodgy deal with the Shooters and Fishers Party at the expense of our environment.

"An independent audit has confirmed marine parks play a valuable role in protecting our fragile marine environments, so the government has been forced to order a review of their own review because it told them exactly what they didn’t want to hear.

"Secondly, the O'Farrell Government should reinstate protections for the labrador of the ocean, the grey nurse shark - which they rescinded last year.

"Thirdly, Robyn Parker should request the NSW Scientific Committee to make a determination on the possible addition of the hawksbill sea turtle to the State’s Threatened Species List, to give this rare and beautiful creature the protection it deserves.

"Ms Parker dismissed my call two weeks ago for the NSW Scientific Committee to look at the hawksbill sea turtle, claiming it had already considered its addition to the Threatened Species List.

"What the Minister unfortunately failed to realise was that the research she was referring to is now 12 years out of date. She failed to recognise the 88 hawksbill sea turtles stranded in NSW last year - the worst year on record.

"On World Oceans Day, the Environment Minister Robyn Parker should come out of hiding and act to protect our precious marine environment."