O'Farrell's lies on solar bonus scheme


Barry O'Farrell has launched a campaign of lies to justify his broken promise to the 110,000 households who invested in solar panels.

Shadow Minister for Energy Luke Foley said, the problem is, it just doesn't add up.

Lie number one:

At a press conference today the Premier said that without the retrospective legislation he has proposed, electricity users would be hit with higher bills.

But on April 27th Barry O'Farrell claimed that extra money would need to be found in the budget, not from energy consumers, to cover the costs of the Solar Bonus Scheme.

The truth: Electricity customers will not pay more.

Lie number two:

Premier O'Farrell implied at a press conference today that the solar scheme, without his proposed changes, would cost households $170 per year or $14 per month.

On closer inspection, the $170 would be spread over 5.5 years, which equates to roughly $2.50 per month.

The truth: Even if you accept Barry O'Farrell's dodgy calculations and ignore lie number one, the cost would be less than one-fifth of what the Premier claimed this morning.

Lie number three:

The Liberal Party website stated until two days ago that: "The NSW Liberals and Nationals policy will ensure that NSW leads Australia in establishing a decentralised energy sector, by honouring the State Government's current commitments..."

Barry O'Farrell has now announced that the Solar Feed in Tariff rate will be reduced from 60 cents to 40 cents, leaving up to 110,000 families out of pocket.

The truth:  Barry O'Farrell has broken his promise with the people of NSW and forced 110,000 families into financial hardship.

"Barry O'Farrell needs to stop the lies and honour his contract with the mums and dads of NSW," said Mr Foley.