O'Farrell's latest attack on renewable energy: Barry bags wind farms


Barry O'Farrell has today voiced his personal hostility to wind farms.

Speaking on the Macquarie Radio network today, Mr O'Farrell said that if it was up to him the State Government would not approve any more wind farms.

 “As I’m told, no new applications have been lodged, we haven’t approved any applications, and if I had my way we wouldn’t,” said Mr O'Farrell.


(Ray Hadley Show, Tuesday 16 August 2011)

Shadow Minister for Energy Luke Foley said Mr O'Farrell's comments reveal his relentless hostility to renewable energy in NSW.

"First the O'Farrell Government attacked 110,000 households with solar roof panels and refused to support the solar industry in any way, shape or form - sending many solar businesses to the wall," Mr Foley said.

"Now the Premier has widened the attack and revealed his personal antipathy to wind energy.

"At this rate there is no chance that the NSW Government will meet its own 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target.

"Rather than attacking wind farms, the O'Farrell Government should require its own Planning Review to come up with a sensible and workable planning regime for the development of the wind industry in NSW.

"We have boundless sunshine. We should be harnessing the sun's rays and the wind to develop a clean energy future for this State.

"Mr O'Farrell is on the wrong side of history."