O'Farrell rewards failure - Parker guaranteed ministerial portfolio until 2015


The NSW Labor Opposition has slammed Premier Barry O'Farrell for rewarding failure and guaranteeing Robyn Parker will remain in his Ministry until the next election.

"Premier O'Farrell is rewarding Robyn Parker's appalling performance as Environment Minister with job security," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said.

On March 30, Barry O'Farrell warned his Ministers: "There is no room for complacency or scandals." (Barry O'Farrell, 30 March 2011)

In Barry O'Farrell's Contract with NSW, the Premier said: "We will be honest and accountable. We will raise Ministerial standards of behaviour." (Contract with NSW, 2011)

"Barry O'Farrell promised higher standards from his Ministers, but it appears these same standards don’t apply to Environment Minister, Robyn Parker," Mr Foley said.

"Unbelievably, the worst performing Minister in the O'Farrell Government has been given a public guarantee of job security from the Premier until the 2015 election.

"Robyn Parker has now failed to inform the community of not one, but two toxic chemical leaks from the Orica plant at Kooragang Island.

"After yesterday admitting she did not know the name of the Orica CEO, Graeme Liebelt, Robyn Parker today confirmed she has never even been to the Orica plant.

"To make matters worse for the embattled Environment Minister, she was also unable to name the chemicals the Orica plant at Kooragang Island produces.

"This follows her shocking performance at Budget estimates, where Ms Parker claimed 'logging protects koalas'.

"Robyn Parker is far and away the worst performing Minister in the O'Farrell Government – it defies belief the Premier would guarantee her a Ministerial position until 2015.

"If the Premier doesn’t have the guts to enforce his basic Ministerial standards and replace Robyn Parker as Environment Minister, Ms Parker should step down herself."