O’Farrell plans to privatise electricity – You will pay more


Inadequate budget allowance for north-west rail makes it clear power will be privatised to pay for the rest.

NSW Labor MLC, Luke Foley today called on Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell to immediately rule out full electricity privatisation.

This was after Mr O’Farrell and Mr Baird were challenged 29 times on 24 January to rule out privatisation – and refused to do so each and every time.

Mr Foley also challenged Mr O’Farrell to come clean on his Party’s relationship with Rothschild – the merchant bank specialising in international privatisations.

“Mr O’Farrell’s statement last night about his secret relationship with Rothschild raised more questions than it answered,” Mr Foley said.

“Barry O’Farrell’s denial of his relations with Rothschild would have put Bill Clinton to shame.”