O'Farrell launches new attack on environment: Axes key advisory council on natural resource management


The O'Farrell Government has launched yet another attack on the environment – axing the peak body advising the Government on balancing primary industries and environmental concerns in NSW.

The Natural Resources Advisory Council brought together farmers, miners, scientists, environmentalists and Government to find common ground on natural resources issues.

The Council was disbanded yesterday – with many members unaware of the Government's decision until contacted by the media.

"The decision to dismantle the independent Natural Resources Advisory Council is the latest attack in the Government's ongoing war on the environment," Shadow Environment Minister Luke Foley said.

"In Opposition, Barry O’Farrell pretended to be all things to all people and promised to protect our environment in his so-called Contract with NSW.

"Now he is in Government, Mr O’Farrell’s team is reversing the conservation gains of recent decades.

"The National Party are running riot, and the Premier and his Environment Minister are giving them the green light to do as they please on the environment."

"The people of regional NSW are concerned about land use and resource management and the axing of the Natural Resources Advisory Council will make it harder for these concerns to be heard," Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Steve Whan said.

"The Minister for Primary Industries is ripping resources out of the Department of Primary Industries when she should be putting them in.

"It is obvious the O'Farrell Government is not interested in sustainable natural resource management and economic development – and that is bad news for producers and communities in regional NSW."