O'Farrell Government wages war on endangered species: Parker fails to protect 'labrador of the ocean' – Grey nurse shark


The O'Farrell Government has continued to wage war on endangered Australian animals – and will leave the critically endangered grey nurse shark without any protections on the mid North Coast this holiday season.

"One of the O'Farrell Government's first acts in office was to lift bans on high risk fishing methods on the State's mid-North Coast designed to protect the grey nurse shark," Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley said.

"Now, the O'Farrell Government has failed to release the findings of a review into protecting the critically endangered species – despite the fact submissions closed in August.

"This means holidaymakers will converge on the mid North Coast this summer while the grey nurse shark is left unprotected from high risk fishing methods.

"We have been waiting eight months for protections to be put back in place to protect the harmless grey nurse shark, but have heard nothing from the Environment Minister who is responsible for protecting the endangered species.

"First, Robyn Parker said 'logging protects koalas', then she approved logging the habitat of the endangered yellow bellied glider - now she is declaring open season on the critically endangered grey nurse shark.

"We would expect this sort of behaviour from the National Party Primary Industries Minister, but it’s the job of the Environment Minister to advocate on behalf of threatened species.

"The three month review was clearly a ruse. Eight months later, the critically endangered grey nurse shark is still unprotected in NSW."

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Steve Whan said the ban on high risk fishing was introduced following extensive consultation with fishers.

"As the former Minister for Primary Industries, I introduced the ban on high risk fishing around Fish Rock and Green Island following extensive consultation with professional and recreational fishers," Mr Whan said.

"Banning high risk fishing methods around Fish Rock and Green Island delivers the best outcome for the fishing community, recreational divers and the grey nurse shark."