O'Farrell Government continues its relentless hostility to renewable energy with draft plan


The O'Farrell Government has continued its relentless hostility to renewable energy, restating its call for the abolition of Australia's 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target - on the same day it has released its so called Renewable Energy Action Plan.

"The O'Farrell Government's release of its draft renewable energy plan today only confirms it remains relentlessly hostile to renewable energy," Shadow Minister for Energy, Luke Foley said.

"The O'Farrell Government has ended the longstanding bipartisan support for Australia’s 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target after calling for it to be removed – and abandoning its own State Plan commitment to the target.

"Even Tony Abbott supports the Commonwealth Renewable Energy Target – which is the key driver of renewables in Australia.

"This is a Clayton's plan from Barry O'Farrell.

"There are very few details and yet again, we see the Energy Minister refusing to commit to wind farms in NSW.

"There is no mention of spiralling peak demand – the driver of runaway electricity prices.

"The NSW Government has today missed a golden opportunity to put downward pressure on electricity price rises. Wind energy can make a major contribution to meeting peak demand.

"If the O'Farrell Government really wants to support the growth of renewable energy, it should drop its planning guidelines that are designed to chronically handicap wind energy in this state.

"Renewable energy has a huge role to play in meeting the energy needs of our future, but the O'Farrell Government has run a relentless campaign against it throughout its time in office."