O'Farrell does dirty deal on duck hunting to push port privatisation through parliament


The O'Farrell Government is set to give the Game Council control over duck hunting licences and kill quotas as part of a dirty deal with the Shooters and Fishers Party to pass its ports privatisation legislation.

"Barry O'Farrell promised he wouldn’t do deals with the minor parties, but today we have seen yet another dodgy deal," Opposition Leader John Robertson said.

"Allowing the shooters to now control duck hunting is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

"The Premier has exchanged duck hunting for his Bill to privatise Port Botany and Port Kembla – which industry has already warned will see petrol prices soar for families and businesses.

"Barry O'Farrell has already given the green light to hunting in national parks.

"It is clear the Shooters and Fishers are calling the shots in Barry O'Farrell's Government."

Shadow Minister for Environment, Luke Foley said: "The Premier is trampling over decades of conservation gains with his dodgy deals."

"The O'Farrell Government has swung the pendulum too far to the side of the shooters."


Barry O'Farrell on the record:

"We have no intention of doing deals with the minor parties."

"There will not be a decision to turn our national parks into hunting reserves."

(Barry O'Farrell, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 April 2011)