O'Farrell breaks promise on water prices: Fails to make IPART submission against price increases


The O'Farrell Government has failed to make a submission to IPART protesting the 31 per cent Sydney Water price hike set to hit families in Sydney, Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.

"The O'Farrell Government has missed the deadline to make a submission to IPART protesting the proposed 31 per cent water bill price hike for Sydney Water consumers," Shadow Water Minister, Luke Foley said today.

"It's no wonder the O'Farrell Government has backed away from its commitment to make an IPART submission protesting these price hikes – the Premier personally signed off on the increases.

"The average household will be forced to pay an extra $969 in jacked up water bills over the next four years because Barry O'Farrell signed off to gouge massive profits out of Sydney Water.

"The NSW Labor Opposition has already made a submission arguing against these massive price rises that will hurt NSW families.

"Premier O'Farrell was once on the side of struggling families in Opposition but has failed to do anything about the cost of living now that he is in office."

The Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce previously committed to making a submission to IPART protesting the massive price hike:

"I can inform the House that the Government will make a submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal in due course outlining the need to ensure that any proposal to increase prices considers the impact on household budgets."

(Greg Pearce, Hansard 16 September 2011)

"The deadline for submissions to IPART was 14 October but there has still been no submission from the O'Farrell Government," Mr Foley said.

"Greg Pearce distinguished himself by being 15 minutes late to his Budget estimates hearing yesterday, now he is 11 days late in making a submission to IPART against these massive price hikes."

Under Sydney Water's proposed increases, including the current 3.3 per cent inflation rate, average household water bills will be:

Year Annual bill Increase
2012/13 $1248.34 $143
2013/14 $1313.63 $208
2014/15 $1380.13 $275
2015/16 $1447.81 $343