NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley will introduce legislation to State Parliament to bring in a $1 million reward for all investigations and cold cases which attract a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Mr Foley was joined by the parents of murder victim Matthew Leveson, Mark and Faye Leveson, at NSW Parliament today, united in the call for a $1 million reward to help solve cold cases.

Faye Leveson last week told the NSW Coroner’s Court that a $1 million dollar reward should be automatic, so families “won’t have to beg for help”.

The family was forced to endure not knowing what happened to their 20 year old son for almost a decade, until his remains were found in the Royal National Park earlier this year.

Mr Foley said the Government should support Mrs Leveson’s call and Labor’s legislation.

Labor’s legislation - similar to that of Victoria’s reward system - would allow for the maximum reward to be increased to $1 million for information leading to an offender being charged in cases facing a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a subsequent conviction of a relevant offence.

Last week, a Melbourne man was found guilty of murder nine years after the crime was committed after a witness came forward with new information to police only following the announcement of a $1 million reward.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“It’s up to all of us to support families like the Levesons’ who shouldn’t be made to beg for help in finding out what happened to their loved ones.

“The NSW Government must offer further incentives to help bring them peace.

“We should be doing all we can to give the police the tools they need to close cold cases and bring justice to those families.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Attorney General Paul Lynch

“People should be encouraged to call Crime Stoppers with any information they have. Information from the public proves vital in investigating, arresting and prosecuting perpetrators of serious crime.

“Large rewards are an obvious incentive for people to come forward with information on serious cases.”