Opposition Leader Luke Foley is urging Premier Mike Baird to support Labor’s plan to close legal loopholes that allow corrupt individuals to walk free and disgraced politicians to receive taxpayer funded entitlements.

In a letter sent to Mr Baird, Mr Foley called on the Premier to support Labor’s call to close the provision in the ‘Election Funding Authority Act’ that has allowed those the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) found to have acted corruptly evade charges. 

Politicians and public figures who were found to have undertaken corrupt behavior by ICAC’s Operation Spicer report have escaped prosecution as current legislation means charges can only be laid for offences that took place in the past three years.

Mr Foley is also seeking the Government’s support to provide legislative amendments to strip politicians of their substantial superannuation entitlements if they are found guilty of misconduct in public office.

Disgraced former politician Eddie Obeid is still receiving taxpayer funded superannuation despite being found guilty of misconduct in office.

The amendment would help restore public faith that parliamentarians are abiding by the laws that they write.

In October 2014 Labor proposed legislative amendments that would remove limitation periods for retrospective charges of corruption but was voted down by the Government.

Mr Foley is hopeful the Government will support Labor’s changes the second time around.

Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Luke Foley

The people of NSW are entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from their elected representatives and public officials.

“These loopholes must be closed to ensure the public can have full confidence in the parliament and democracy.

“I urge Mr Baird to support Labor’s call to ensure legal loopholes protecting the corrupt are closed and that disgraced MPs aren’t receiving cushy taxpayer funded entitlements.

“It’s the role of politicians to restore the public’s faith in the system. The people of NSW would welcome a commitment from Mr Baird and me to work together to address these issues.”