NSW government has no plan to fill Abbott’s $10bn Gonski funding cut


The NSW Liberal Government has failed to explain how it will fill a $10 billion funding black hole in NSW education – following the Federal budget which confirmed Tony Abbott is walking away from the final two years of the Gonski reforms.

The NSW Liberals have had a year to convince Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey to fully fund the important needs-based Gonski reforms, but last night’s budget confirmed the $10 billion funding shortfall still stands.

In Parliament today, Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian could not explain how the NSW Liberal Government will fill this funding gap and implement the Gonski reforms in full.

“Contrary to Tony Abbott’s promises, this budget is far from fair for NSW schools,” Shadow Education Minister Linda Burney said.

“Instead what we get is the Abbott government walking away from the final two years of the Gonski reforms, kicking any shred of fairness to the curb.

“The NSW Liberals can’t say how they will make up for the $10 billion their federal counterparts have cut from our schools.

“Today the NSW Liberals need to prove their commitment to fairness by explaining how they intend to fill this funding black hole.

“The 1 million school students in NSW deserve the fairness and equity that only the Gonski reforms can deliver.

“The NSW Government must implement the Gonski reforms in full – and if they can’t get the funding from Tony Abbott, the NSW Liberals must explain where the $10 billion will come from.”