The NSW Coalition Government was accused this afternoon of having a secret hit-list of workers – to strip them of penalty rates in the next wage negotiations.

In Parliament this afternoon not one Minister provided an assurance they would rule out reducing penalty rates for NSW public sector workers.

Labor Leader Luke Foley led a series of questions in the Parliament to five Ministers concerning penalty rates. He said it was obvious from the answers that the State Coalition Government was determined to put the pay packets of thousands at risk.

The Opposition asked whether the Government would protect the penalty rates of Corrective Services employees, National Park staff, Family and Community Services workers and State Transit bus drivers.

Mr. Foley said the failure by every single Minister questioned to provide a clear assurance – despite being given every opportunity to do so - is the thin edge of the wedge. It looks like the Coalition Government will cynically and ruthlessly seek to remove penalty rates from NSW public sector workers.

That will have a serious impact on families which depend on penalty rates to put food on the table every week.

Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“This is life under the Liberals and Nationals. Federal and State, they stand for reducing the penalty rates of weekend workers.

‘They were given every opportunity to make it clear there was no risk to the pay packets of NSW Government workers. Not one single one of them took it.

‘They refuse to assure us they won’t seek a flow-on cut from the recent Fair Work decision on penalty rates.

‘It is – as most of what they do – sneaky, underhanded and uncaring. But it directly affects the lives of entire communities and puts thousands of families at risk.”