More Government dithering over Parramatta light rail project


The Baird Government is dithering on the Parramatta Light Rail Project again – failing to use the 2015-16 NSW Budget to confirm the route for the long-awaited line.

In June 2014, the Government announced $400 million towards light rail to Parramatta, boldly claiming it would fast-track this ‘congestion-busting’ project.

Then months later, the former Transport Minister – now Treasurer – declared she would “get cracking” on the project.

More than a year after the initial announcement, all the Government has done is re-announce the original $400 million – including $19 million which was meant to ‘accelerate’ the project.

A light rail route connecting Parramatta, Olympic Park and Strathfield is a no-brainer Labor committed to the route before the last state election – and it’s also why key stakeholders such as the Western Sydney directorate of the Sydney Business Chamber have been imploring the Government to stop talking and get building.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Transport Minister Ryan Park

“More than a year since the original announcement, the people of Western Sydney are still waiting for a decision on the route.”

“There’s been a lot of talk from the Government over the last year about ‘getting cracking’fast-tracking’ and ‘acceleration’ – but as yet no action.”

“It’s just more spin from a Government that hasn’t yet delivered.”

“One way of getting this project off the ground is to stop dithering and start building the preferred Parramatta-Olympic Park-Strathfield route.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Strathfield Jodi McKay

“A light rail route connecting Parramatta, Olympic Park and Strathfield is a no-brainer.

“This route will not only service a growing population, but also open up key employment lands as well as improving transport links between Parramatta, Olympic Park and the inner west.”

“The Baird Government needs to stop this dithering, back the local community, back business, and get on with providing better public transport for the people of Sydney.